Mary M. "Polly" Cleveland

Research Interests

Economics of wealth distribution
Land and resource economics
Urban economics
Tax policy
Capital theory
History of economic thought
Economics and philosophy of Henry George
Economics of illegal drug markets
Simulation modeling

Major Affiliations

Dollars & Sense: Real World Economics

United for a Fair Economy: Responsible Wealth

Barnard College Economics Department

Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs:
Environmental Science and Policy

Polly picture

Contact information

20 West 72nd St Apt 506
New York NY 10023
(212) 873-2982
mcleveland20 AT

Econamici Blog

Tom Haines Memorial May 5, 2024

2009 You Tube Interview

2016 CGO speech
"Real Working Capital and the Elephant"


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Mary M. "Polly" Cleveland
20 West 72nd St Apt 506, New York, NY 10023
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