Class Reading

Short articles that may be assigned for class reading.

Gaffney on U-Tube: "My Greedy Generation"

Gaffney Progress and Poverty Study Guide with Drake Chapters added

Amartya Sen: Adam Smith, The Economist Manifesto

Amartya Sen: "Poor, Relatively Speaking"

Ronald Coase: "The Problem of Social Cost"

Economist: "Outsourcing's Third Wave: Buying Farmland Abroad"

Economist: "Running Dry--Water for Farming"

Garrett Hardin: "The Tragedy of the Commons"

Peter Dreier: Jane Jacobs's Legacy

Lisa Margonelli: "Waste Not--A Steamy Solution to Global Warming"

John Tierny: "A Tale of Two Fisheries"

Amartya Sen: "The Rich Get Hungrier"

Alex Williams "Don't Let the Green Grass Fool You"

Donald Shoup: "Gone Parkin'"

Tina Rosenberg: "The Daughter Deficit"

Elinor Ostrom: "Sustainable Socio-Economic Systems"

Joseph Stiglitz: "Of, By, and For the One Percent"

Joseph Stiglitz: "Principles and Guidelines for Deficit Reduction"

David Luhnow: "Carlos Slim: The World's Richest Man"

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